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How Solar Water Heaters in Cape Town Homes Work
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Our solar water heaters are a great way to ensure that your home has warm water without running up your electricity bill. The solar geysers we supply's inner tank is insulated with 50mm PU foam that helps conserve the warm water in the tank even when not in active use. This system helps to save you money by providing you with heated water all year round as long as the sun is shining of course. The average tank of a solar water heating system used by a family of 4 carries between 150L - 200L of hot water and weights 57kg.

Solar water heaters are extremely popular in Cape Town homes these days as Eskom's power rates just keeps increasing. The price of fossil fuel will also continue to increase; this is why it is essential to turn to a earths only free source of energy, the sun.
Do these solar heaters works in winter? Yes they do. Most solar heaters come with black absorbent surface that cover a glass layer. Sunlight travels via the glass and heats up the plate absorber. The heat is collected in the glass, picked up by water and complemented with an anti-freeze solution which runs through the tubes.

The heated water is then processed through a storage tank where it resides until it is needed. A well-insulated tank can continually supply you with warm or hot water even when the sun has gone down. The limiting factor during winter is not necessarily the weather temperature but the length of days.

Short winter days means the sun is angled towards exuding low solar energy rays. But you can still get warm water if you position your solar heating system properly. A solar system could save you as much as 85% of your current heating cost if used consistently.
Remember that you do not have to depend fully on the sun for your heated water. You can only use it to complement your other heating needs. In this vein, you cut back on your expenses as long as the sun continues to shine. And when you have a disruption in gas or your electric stove, you have an option that you can use.

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