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How do evacuated tube collectors of solar geysers work?
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How do solar geysers work? If you have been asking yourself such a question, here is an explanation that can help you understand the whole concept of how solar geysers operate. A solar geyser is a piece of equipment that works through harnessing the sun’s heating capacity. It puts in use the thermal conversion principle, hence making the boiling of water easier. Solar geysers comprise of two parts: an insulated water tank, and the flat plate collector. An evacuated tube joins the water tank and the flat plate connector. To exploit the heat absorbing capacity, the flat plate connectors are made using metal or wood, and the inner walls are painted black. A thick lid cover allows heat inside and prevents its loss.

The water storage tank is used to store both cold and hot water. The tank is normally metallic and insulated. It also has outlet and inlet valves. The tube that connects the water inlet and outlet is made of copper. Its outer surface is painted black. Water heating happens at the collector. Hot water enters the tank and cold water leaves it through the connector tube. The water outlet connects with the water taps through the water outlet pipes.

Fresh water is brought into the tank through a copper tube from where it enters the collector tube and goes round it. Since the collector is covered using a glass plate, maximum light and heat enters via its surface. The heat is further absorbed by the tubes’ black surface. This is how the heating of the water is initiated inside the tube. If you had been asking yourself the question, how do solar geysers work? You already have an idea of how the heating starts.
As the heating continues, the hot water leaves the collector tube and gets into the storage tank. Since hot water is lighter than cold water, it floats on the storage tank’s top layer. Outlet valves at the storage tank’s upper part are used to supply hot water into the pipes. Given that fresh cold water is heavier than the heated one, it stays at the bottom of the geyser and is directed into the collector through the tube. If you have ever wondered how solar geysers work, this is how the water circulation is maintained in this system.

How do solar geysers work? This second bit explains the operation principle. Solar geysers work effectively in humid areas. The efficiency of the device depends on the heat entering the system. The relation is directly proportional, meaning that the greater the heat entering the area, the more efficient the device is. The performance of the solar heater is also profoundly affected by the number of flat plates as well as evacuated tubes applied in the construction of the system.

Solar water haters have a longer life span compared to the conventional water heaters. However, in cold areas, for the device to perform appropriately, freeze protection should be used and this comes at an extra cost.

How do evacuated tube collectors of solar geysers work?

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