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How Solar Water Heaters in Cape Town Homes Work
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Solar Geysers rely on natural convection or warm water rising. This process circulates water via a glass tube which is connected to a tank. The hot water tank is linked to the glass tubes and as the water heats up, it lightens and floats into the overhead tank. In the same vein, the cooler water seeps downwards into the absorber and circulates the system.

Solar hot water heaters are a great alternative when compared to gas and electricity. The hot water capacity can be easily automated and boosted via natural gas or by an electric geyser during rainy seasons or short days. Solar Geysers are affordable unlike other solar warm water heaters. Prices are usually influenced by how many liters a Solar Geyser can hold. If you plan to fully use this system, you would have to purchase a Solar Geyser than can hold plenty of water.

Solar Geysers cost more to purchase and install when compared to other traditional heating systems. But they save you money in the long run. Inasmuch as the liter capacity influences price, the money you spend on a Solar Geyser also depends on the following:

1. How much hot water do you use.
2. The performance of the system.
3. Your location.
4. Cost of gas, oil and electricity.
5. Cost of a backup system.

If you install a Solar Geyser, your water heating bills can drop to as low as 40%-50%. On an average, the cost you save by using a Solar Geyser is between R500 - R1500 per month. However, the price of a Geyser is still cost-effective when compared to what you might pay for gas or electricity on a yearly basis. Besides, families have been known to spend only about 35% on electricity bills on Solar Geysers. You will definitely save a chunk of money if you use a Solar Geyser.
Installing one is very easy. Geysers are lightweight and if you follow the detailed instructions, you can erect one yourself in a few hours. If it is too complicated for you, you can always employ the services of a plumber. These geysers are subjected to rigorous tests and made from topnotch components coupled with extensive warranties. So you do not have to change them within a short time frame.

These geysers are non-flammable even in the hottest weather. They are made from steel, aluminum and glass which are hardly combustible materials. Solar Geysers can be connected and used in large scale settings like schools, hotels and offices. They are also ideally used for spas and swimming pools. However, the costs of heating sizable bodies of water might be relatively high.

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