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Eskom Rebate Program For Our Solar Geysers
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Eskom Rebate And How Much You Will Save
Eskom Rebate For Buying A Solar Geyser


Example: 200L Kwikot Retro Fit System

SABS test results : Q-factor = 27.9 MJ or 7.745 Kwh

According to NASA's 22 year radiation tables, the average annual radiation for Cape Town (taking cloudy days into account) is equal to 6.42 KWhr / sqm / day.

Our SunScan solar geyser system will deliver 11.15 KWhr of energy on an average day in the Western Cape.

11.15 KWhr / day = 4070 KWhr / annum

Current electricity prices (including VAT) for high-use Eskom clients is R1.29 / KWhr

Annual savings = R5,250.00

20 year cummulative savings = R286,385.00

Eskom Rebate Payback
At an average solar geyser system cost of approximately R16,000 (after Eskom rebate)

Payback period = 3 years


Suppliers tend to claim various performances and efficiencies for their products. When suppliers claim superior performance and make outrageous claims about the potential costs savings of their systems, the credibility of the solar industry is jeopardised.

At SunScan we see no need to inflate the performance figures of our systems. Our calculations are based on facts obtained from our SABS test results as well as radiation figures from NASA's 22 year radiation averages study. Below are details of our efficiency and Eskom rebate payback analysis.




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